Yin & Meridians Training

Norman Blair and Kate Henley offer a range of trainings, from a series of two-day workshops held mid-week
throughout the year, to a five-day training offered via Yogacampus, and a five-day 'advanced' training
for those who have completed three of the four two-day trainings, or the five-day training.

Norman - forward bend

Two-day Yin & Meridians course

Yin yoga is a popular practice of slowing down and slow stretching. In this practice, there is an emphasis on poses stimulating energetic flows in the body. A new series of two-day courses on this emphasis will be led by Norman Blair and Kate Henley.

Norman is one of the most experienced Yin yoga teachers in the UK. Kate has been an acupuncturist since 1998 and is especially interested in how the internal practice of quiet forms of yoga support re-alignment and balance in our bodies.

Each two-day course will focus on pairs of meridians. We start by covering the theories that underpin Traditional Chinese Medicine by means of an introduction. We then look at the emotions and the physical issues that are connected with each meridian and its associated organ. Following from that, we explore which poses are particularly influential on these meridians and when it is especially beneficial to do which pose.

These course aspire to offer participants empowering tools for practice and encourage 'balance' as a way to good health.

Material will be presented in a way that is accessible and interactive. There will be practice of poses. A course manual is included in the cost.

Bursary opportunity: two places on every course are available at 50% discount. If you would like to register your interest please send an email or use the contact page to send a message to request more information. These places are offered on a first come, first served basis. (Please note this relates only to the courses offered at Zolder Studio).


Time:  10.00am-5.00pm
Venue:  Online via Zoom for Dec 2021; Zolder Studio, London N22 for 2rw21
Price:  £240
Numbers are limited to 10 for in-person courses, and 12 for online courses.

For more information or to book please email [email protected]

Five-day Yin Yoga, Meridian Theory    and 5 Element Healing

Yogacampus, with Norman Blair and Kate Henley

Understanding meridians and Chinese medicine can be important for yoga teachers. On this course participants will experience a fascinating insight into the Chinese medical model with its profound powers for healing. It is hoped that the learning will be a valuable tool for self-knowledge and growth, which in turn can be used to deepen teaching practice.

Each day there will be descriptions of the energetics of particular organs, detailed teaching of the meridian pathway on the body, what puts the organ out of balance, how to correct the energy imbalance – and how to support healing with Qi Gong practices, acupressure sequences and dietary advice. The final section of each day will be dedicated to a Yin Yoga practice that connects with the meridians studied, and there will also be practices of Qi Gong.

There will be plenty of space for questions. All participants will receive a manual and other material.

This course will suit Yoga teachers and all holistic therapists who are curious and open about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Norman and Kate are highly experienced teachers in their field who have worked together with this material. Norman started teaching Yin yoga in 2003 and he has been running Yin yoga teacher trainings since 2013. His book (Brightening Our Inner Skies: yin and yoga) was published in 2016.

Kate has been a practising acupuncturist since 1998 and is especially interested in how the internal practice of quiet forms of yoga support re-alignment and balance in our bodies.

Upon successful completion of the coursework and full attendance, a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion will be issued. The coursework component will involve a written piece of 800 - 1,000 words based on a choice of three relevant essay topics.
Training hours (30 in total) are eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education (YACEP).


Dates: TBC
Venue: TBC
Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm each day
Cost: £625

This course typically runs once a year. The one for 2021 has taken place.

For more information and booking, we will provide a link to the Yogacampus website when the next dates are confirmed.

In words of previous participants from courses that Kate and Norman have run together:

“Very well structured in content and in shape of each day…I really appreciate how personable the whole experience is. I think Kate and Norman exemplify the teacher pupil relationship…creates a great learning environment and sense of community”;

“Really well structured course with an abundance of information and handouts. Really good mix of hands-on along with theory…”

Advanced Reflection of the Five Elements and Yin Yoga: Five days of deepening knowledge and practice with Kate Henley and Norman Blair

This will be a wonderful opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Five Elements in relation to life, practice and Yin yoga.

All participants have either completed a five-day Five Element course or three two-day Meridians and Yin yoga courses.

Areas covered include:
enhancing our abilities to live seasonally
experiencing and being with emotions that relate to the Five Elements
using acupressure points while teaching Yin yoga
and much more!

Each day will begin and end with a Yin yoga practice. There will also be Qigong practices. Lunch each day will feature a different soup based on the Five Elements.

All participants have to complete a 1000-2000 word essay prior to the course (on which they will receive detailed feedback).

In addition to the five days of teaching, participants will receive two 1.5 hour Yin yoga classes taught by Norman that focus on incorporating the Five Elements into Yin yoga practices.


Dates: Monday 24 October - Friday 28 October
Venue: Zolder Studio, London N22
Time: 10am-5pm each day
Cost: £695, including lunch each day

Numbers limited to 10 

For more information or to book please email [email protected]

More about Kate Henley

Kate has been an acupuncturist since 1998 and is especially interested in how the internal practice of quiet forms of yoga support re-alignment and balance in our bodies. Kate is also a qualified supervisor and teaches yoga and mindfulness to her patients. She is passionate about creating a space for others to experience the depth of this Eastern Medicine and for them to be able to bring it into their lives.


“The course was exactly what I was hoping for. Well-balanced contents
and very informative.”

“Loved this experience of being in this smaller group – sharing and learning more.”

“An amazing two days that will help me personally so much as well as inform my teaching. Thank you so much.”

“Very informative. Kate was fantastic at making something that is very complicated, very interesting and understandable.”

“Really informative two-days. Kate is a fantastic teacher. She made things easy to follow and digest. Always had time to answer questions. I love Norman’s teaching, always from the heart and with compassion.”


To book please contact us via our contact form. Please specify which date or dates you are interested in.

Upcoming dates

2022 - all in-person

Thurs 3/Fri 4 March: Liver/Gall Bladder
Mon 30/Tues 31 May: Heart/Lung
Thurs 1/Fri 2 Sept: Spleen/Stomach
Mon 12/Tue 13 Dec: Kidney/Bladder

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