Five-Day Yin Training

Minds, Meridians, Moments

Norman - sphinx pose

About the course

This five-day immersion into Yin yoga creates space for exploration and study.
The reasons for, and the results from practising this form will be explained.
There will be detailed examination of poses, examples of sequencing and plenty of time to evaluate our own experience. Participants will learn about contraindications and modifications. Three sessions (three hours each) will be led by external teachers - on anatomy, on meridians and on meditation.

By the end of the course, participants will have a deeper understanding of this practice and have been thoroughly introduced to Yin yoga. Qualified yoga teachers will be equipped to begin teaching Yin yoga. Participants receive a course manual and other handouts. Numbers on the course are limited to twelve and this small group experience can be a significant factor in supporting the process of learning. Training hours (30 in total) are eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education (YACEP).

Payment of £100 deposit* secures a place with the balance due two months before the course begins.

*deposits are partially refundable dependent on circumstances


Time:  10.00am-5.00pm each day
Venue:  Zolder Studio, London N22
Price:  £495

External teachers

Anatomy - Emma Charlton
Emma has a great interest in the human body. She has been an Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist since 2000 and has taught massage at a leading aromatherapy college for 10 years. She has a long-term yoga practice and is fascinated by the possibilities of body and how body moves in response to yoga poses. She has an in-depth understanding of musculo-skeletal structures and continues along her path of learning with regular training and development.

Meditation - Maitripushpa Bois
Maitripushpa began her regular meditation practice in the mid-1980s and has been practicing yoga since the mid-1990s. She constantly watches and learns how the two practices influence each other.

Yin yoga - Amanda Wright
Amanda began practising yoga in 2001 and has been teaching Yin yoga since 2006.

Meridians - Marc Stenham
Marc lectures on the acupuncture course at the International College of Oriental Medicine, where he is committed to demystifying and exploring the philosophies related to Traditional Chinese Medicine.


To book please contact us via our contact form. Please specify which date or dates you are interested in. 

Upcoming dates


Monday 18 Nov - Friday 22 Nov
(waiting list only)
Monday 2 Dec - Friday 6 Dec
(waiting list only)


Monday 24 Feb- Friday 28 Feb
(waiting list only)
Monday 18 May - Friday 22 May
(waiting list only)
Monday 24 Aug - Friday 28 Aug
(waiting list only)
Monday 7 Dec - Friday 11 Dec
(waiting list only)

5 day training at other yoga studios in 2020. These courses are booked directly with the studio.

Wednesday 10 June - Sunday 14 June
The Shala, South Norwood.
For more information/to book, click here

Wednesday 1 July - Sunday 5 July
Yogacampus, Manchester
For more information/to book, click here

Friday 25 Sept - Tuesday 29 Sept
Yogacampus, London
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Other courses

We also run the following Yin Yoga training courses:

Two-day Yin and Meridians training

A series of two-day courses each focusing on a pair of meridians. These courses are aimed at those wishing to understand how Yin yoga postures can affect meridians. For further information, see the two-day yin training section.

Eight-day Advanced Yin training

An advanced eight-day training aimed at deepening participants' understanding of Yin yoga and teaching Yin yoga. For further information, see the eight-day yin training section.


“I loved the honesty and the style of teaching. Brilliant course. I have learnt so much and not entirely what I expected to learn.
I will highly recommend this course to anyone I know interested in Yin yoga or who wants to discover / learn / explore
about themselves and their body.”

“Very deep, nourishing, professional and fun. Challenging but safe and friendly. Loved it."

“Fun, insightful, humble, kind and supportive. The week was like reading a great novel, it took me on a journey within
and as the last pages were read, a feeling of completeness and sadness that it was over.”

“Wonderfully balanced, educative experience held safely and warmly.”

“Very welcoming, approachable, real tuition. I love that Norman was so humble and human. I have never felt so comfortable
about my body and its limits in a yoga class. This felt like teaching was genuine and from the heart not an ego boost
or a money making event.”

“Empowering, stimulating, inspirational. Approachable, amusing, knowledgeable, inspires confidence.”

“Very well planned course that covered a huge amount in the five days. Norman was open and wonderful from day one.
He has really opened my eyes up to the world of Yin.”