Interviews with Norman

Here is the latest podcast with Norman Blair and Cora Geroux (from July 2021). Click here

We talked about how to create a sustainable career as a teacher, issues with the hybrid-class teaching model and why collaboration may be the key to the future of the yoga industry.

Another hour of Norman Blair chatting with Cora Geroux. Click here

We discussed how yoga teachers can get better over time, the importance of sustainability, how some corporates parasitically exploit yogaland, the need to break taboos around speaking about money in yoga, how yoga teachers can benefit from mentoring, why yoga teachers as workers in the gig economy can be better supported by coming together as a collective voice (this could be also called a union).

For those teachers interested in being part of this collective, to get involved please email [email protected] for more information.

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The revolutionary power of yoga podcast

This is a wide-ranging conversation about the monetary policies of yoga centers and the underlying economics that are fuelling them. Norman discusses the emergence of a yoga teaching profession, hard numbers on the stagnant or declining rates of income yoga teachers are receiving, actionable steps to potentially counter unhealthy trends, and the revolutionary power of yoga to help shape society.

Click to listen to the podcast here

Chanting rabbits at Yogarocks in Crete

Norman and Maitripushpa talk about yoga, transformation and chanting rabbits at Yogarocks in Crete

Norman's talk from his book launch

Norman's talk from 'Brightening our Inner Skies' book launch


Love Yoga anatomy interviews Norman Blair