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Norman Blair
Norman began practising yoga in the early 1990s and he has been teaching since 2001. His practice and teaching embrace both ashtanga yoga and Yin yoga as well as mindfulness meditation.

Through significant periods of training with teachers such as Alaric Newcombe, Judith Lasater, Richard Freeman and Sarah Powers, he has gained the Yoga Alliance 500 hour accreditation. He believes that yoga is accessible to all of us and through regular practice we can experience profound changes in our mind and body.

His own experience has taught him that yoga is an enjoyable way to release and make available energetic potential to enhance our lives. Yoga can help us to become more flexible, physically stronger and improve our stamina, focus and awareness.

Norman teaches yin yoga classes, workshops throughout London. He also offers widely respected Yin yoga training for teachers and as supervision for yoga teachers.

New Book!

Brightening our Inner Skies: Yin and Yoga

Norman’s book 'Brightening Our Inner Skies' is available at:
Booksource (UK/Europe) or Cardinal (North America).

If you would like to buy five or more copies (£12 a copy plus postage) contact Norman.


“What I love about your teaching is your depth of knowledge of yoga, and the way that you are able to weave stories and philosophical writings into your classes to give them a richness and meaning I have yet to find anywhere else. You somehow manage to tell these stories in a way that I feel enriched, not indoctrinated or 'talked at'. I am sure you will infuse your students with your passion for helping others on their paths, and your lightness and joy of being. I would be very happy to attend the class of anyone who named you as their teacher.”

“His teaching style is so unique... If I were asked to capture Norman’s class in three simple words it would be: repetition, reiteration and reassurance; elements which continually reoccurred throughout his whole class”

“Norman has many stories to tell, and his wise words are always a source of inspiration, laughter and guidance. He manages to bring some lightness and wisdom to classes, and his 3 hour long Yin workshops are like a treat – from stories, words of awareness, gentle postures and fluffy blankets, an afternoon on the mat never felt that good! His approach is also quite unique: intertwining the physicality of Ashtanga yoga with softer ‘Yin’ postures, meditation insights and a sense of humour, his depth of knowledge transpires and makes each class special and enjoyable.”

This website is dedicated to my brother, James Blair (1960-2018), whose beautiful photos of nature illuminate this site.
May he be well, may he be happy, may he travel in peace.