Scotland Retreat

Yoga and Meditation at EcoYoga - 7th - 12th October 2020

Booking and costs

The price of this retreat is £640 per person. All bookings for this retreat are managed by the Eco Yoga Retreat centre. If you would like further information or would like to book please contact Eco Yoga using this email address: [email protected] 

About this retreat

This retreat includes four classes scheduled throughout day, which are taught be Norman or his partner, Maitripushpa. 

The morning yoga class is Ashtanga with love.
 Plenty of props and plenty of options. Although based on the primary series, the class takes a slower pace than traditional Ashtanga classes - and there will be variations and other possibilities available. There is definitely room for manoeuvre.

The afternoon class is Yin yoga.
 A beautiful way to balance the stronger and more dynamic form. Yin yoga is much slower. We stay in postures for a longer periods of time.

There will be two sessions of meditation each day led by Maitripushpa. The sessions will include body awareness, 
walking meditation, sitting and other contemplative 

Together Norman and Maitripushpa have many years of experience. They know that yoga and meditation can be enjoyable ways to make available energetic potential that could enhance our lives. Yoga and meditation can help us to become more flexible, physically stronger and improve our stamina, focus and awareness. They aspire that practitioners on retreat experience release of tensions and anxieties. 

Daily Schedule

7.30am: meditation and body awakening with Maitripushpa
8.30am-10.30am: Ashtanga yoga with love and props with Norman
10.45am: brunch
3.30pm-5.15pm: Yin yoga with Norman;
5.15pm-6pm: meditation with Maitripushpa
6.15pm: dinner

Classes are optional - you are encouraged to attend them all but are welcome to take time out to relax during this retreat. 
Scottish mountains

The venue

EcoYoga is truly a special place. It has been created as an expression of belief in a healthy, carbon free and sustainable lifestyle. The transformation from an old outdoor centre to its present incarnation as a luxurious but still genuinely 'eco' holiday experience is now complete. It is set in magnificent Scottish scenery - hills, lochs, rivers and forests abound. EcoYoga is totally off-grid - powered by 550Kw hydro turbine and a large bank of solar panels.

In the glazed studio, overlooking the gorge of the River Liever, you can learn the art of Yoga. The 60sqm shala is purpose built with underfloor heating and a calming ambience. Your body can melt into the warmth of the floor whilst the mind is gently soothed by the sounds of the nearby waterfalls.

There are several bathing areas and showers to choose from. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of the 'Sento' or public bathing house you can soak in natural wooden hot tubs in the Dome, or choose some hideaway bathing spots in the forest or river bank.

EcoYoga has 13 bedrooms. The main accommodation area has ten bedrooms with luxurious super kingsized beds, a sofa and table in a sunny windowed lobby, or views to the river. Each has its own toilet and sink. The stone bothy has three bedrooms with double beds and a secret hideaway room with two children's beds. There is also a yurt which accommodates three single beds in a shared space (each bed has a privacy curtain). The yurt is available for female guests only.

We strongly encourage retreat participants to travel in the most environmentally sustainable way.

EcoYoga strives to serve the most delicious vegetarian dishes.

Yoga scotland


Introducing Maitripushpa

Meditation with Maitripushpa is varied and is both a great introduction to meditation for beginners or an amazing opportunity for existing practitioners to develop their practice. Two sessions each day allow her to tap into the vibe created by the asana classes. 

Guests drop deeply into themselves in her sessions, that may include body awareness, walking meditation, sitting or various contemplative practices.

Maitripushpa has a strong Buddhist influence but years of study with varied traditions inform and enrich the meditation experience on this retreat. She is constantly watching and learning how the two practices of yoga and meditation influence each other.


All yoga, accommodation and food is included in the price for the duration of the retreat.

Not included

Travel, transfers and insurance are not included the price of the retreat.

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